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A Tribute to Theda Bara


Theda Bara


Born: Theodosia Burr Goodman, July 29, 1885, Cincinnati, Ohio

Married: Charles J. Brabin, Jr. about 1921

Died: April 7, 1955, Beverly Hills, California

First Major Film: "A Fool There Was" 1914

Most Famous Film: "Cleopatra" 1917

Only Play: "The Blue Flame" 1920

Last Film: "Madame Mystery" 1926

Total Films: 42

Surviving Films: "A Fool There Was", "East Lynne", "The Unchastened Woman", and "Madame Mystery"

Most Famous line in a movie: "Kiss Me My Fool" from "A Fool There Was".

July 9, 1937 Fox storage fire in Little Ferry, NJ burns to the ground destroying most of Theda's films. (Cleopatra" and "Salome" were lost in a vault fire at the Museum of Modern Art.)

1936 Lux Radio Recording of Theda's voice which can be heard today.



"I'd be safe and warm, if I was in L. A."

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